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TV Mounting: Do You Need a Professional?

So you’ve just bought a brand new flat screen TV and are excited about all the shows you’re going to binge watch over the weekend, and then the big questions hit: are you even able to mount your TV on your own? Is there such a thing as professional TV mounting service? As the quality of television has evolved over the past few decades, so have their sizes. Nowadays, televisions are becoming bigger and better, and although this means that now we can watch our favorite movies and shows with a quality that the previous generations couldn’t even dream about, it also makes us face new challenges. Where should we be putting these bigger TVs? Flat screen televisions are made to be mounted on a wall or over the fireplace and are now part of our home décor thanks to TV mounting. Choosing the right place to place the T.V is one of the most crucial factors in the final design, and this can be tricky as it is also important to select a suitable wall and spot that is able to hold the weight of the T.V. A professional technician can help you make the best decision that will consider the safety of you and your family as well as the appearance of your home. T.V mounting is becoming more and more popular as it is far safer to securely install your T.V on a wall rather than placing it on an entertainment centre. Placing your television on a centre with other bulky furniture can be a hazard in a household with pets and small children, who can face the risk of injuring themselves by an enormous television falling on them should things go wrong. As such, T.V mounting is the safest option for your family. Finally, it is important to make sure that a qualified professional mounts the T.V for you; if not mounted correctly, you could end up causing permanent damage to your T.V or wall. You may end up having to spend the money you were saving by not hiring a professional on fixing the T.V or the wall and painting over the mistake. Nothing is worth costing your peace of mind when you can enjoy a fast, reliable, affordable delivery professional service with ServiceTO. If you’d like to book your same-day appointment, give us a call at 416-639-9950 or email us at  

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