prevent electrical hazards

What to do to prevent electrical hazards


Electrical appliances and products have become an essential part of our day to day lives. That means it can be dangerous if we are not aware of the hazards. Based on Canada’s Official health services website, when you have the knowledge to prevent hazards you can minimize the damage to a huge extent. We can minimize the hazards by simply avoiding them.

Electrical products:

Most electrical products you can find in the market, which need to be plugged in an electrical outlet,  meet Canadian safety standards. However always take necessary precautions when purchasing them. Check for pricing. If they are abnormally inexpensive or very expensive,  chances are they are fake. Look for the quality of the item and if they’re not high quality, do not try plugging them in. Consult an expert first. Secondly, based on Canada’s Official health services website, you have to check for any grammatical or spelling mistakes on the box, label or the item itself.

Appliance maintenance:

When it comes to appliances, they have become an undeniable part of our daily lives. Appliances that are bigger in size such as furnaces and air conditioners need to be regularly checked and maintained. Some other appliances that are smaller and have surfaces like irons need to be cleaned regularly. If they work with water, make sure you empty the water reservoir after every use.

Heated appliances,

These appliances are some of the mostly used ones. So taking precautionary measures before and after using them is absolutely necessary. Use Stoves extremely carefully and also make sure you clean them after every use. Make sure you do not leave it unattended while you’re using it. Other cooking appliances also need to be used carefully and with no children around. Lamps can also produce heat so keep them away from surfaces.

Other sources of heat can be chargers and batteries. No one notices the heat they produce, since it is not strong but they can be extremely dangerous. Always use the charges or batteries that come with the device. Keep them away from wooden surfaces and beds. And if you are using a battery pack or a power bank, please do not put them in your pockets. Also when you are flying take extra precautions since they are inflammable.

And last but not least, please read the instructions that come in the packaging thoroughly and follow the instruction. After all,  you know what they say, “prevention is better than cure.”

We do understand that we do not have control over everything. That is why we offer electrical  emergency services should in any case you have an electrical emergency.  Check out our Electric services and repair page here.



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