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ServiceTo offer build or replace decking, improve existing decking, repair existing decking, stain or paint, add screening or enclosure, designing for any material that you choose, including, but not limited to synthetic, composite, plastics, vinyl, PVC pressure-treated wood, elevated concrete deck, steel deck framing. Kindly note the given cost apparatus is for budgetary purposes just, in light of a standard deck establishment. There are a great deal of variables that can impact last expenses including the kind of establishment the deck will be on, structures, decking completing material, area, site availability, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Between 6:00 pm and 8:00 am, Monday-Friday and Weekends/Holidays.

Some houses have capacity to have an extensions as a deck. You can get a free consultation with our craftsman. Once you decide what design and what material the deck should be, we send out our professionals to set up the deck for you.

Composite decks are popular because of their durability. They can make a better look for your backyard. And if they’re designed properly, they are a safe place to hang out for your backyard parties. Our experts design the decks in such a way that is comfortable for kids and pets too.
Every deck is different, and every backyard needs special treatment when it comes to creating a deck. You can easily picture your dream design with our 3d designs. And leave it o us to bring it to reality.

Wood decks are always tempting to have in backyard but due to nature of them, such as cedar, they can absorb moisture easily. So we try to use the premium grade cedar to solve this common problem. They can be budget friendly and they will be there for a long time.

Our craftsmen are ready to install decks with glass railing and lighting installed as well by creating remarkable plans and designs . Our mission is you feeling pleased with the final result, showing a great workmanship and professionalism. We serve our customers throughout GTA to get their backyards’, houses’ and offices’ decks ready for Summer.

We are focused on a high quality service in a timely manner. We work with your budget to create a functional area for you and your families, kids and pets.
Adding some extra space to the backyard to enjoy that summer day under the sun is always a good idea. Leave it to our professionals to do the job for you.



Here are some types of services we have launched:


When you choose a great company to do the job you will save any future issues that might be costly. We are here to give you just that with our trustworthy craftsmen and follow through on our promises.


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