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How to Disinfect Your Home against Coronavirus

There is something unsettling about leaving the house especially at a time like this. With the outbreak of Coronavirus, the need for general sanitation is essential even more than ever.

What we should all keep in mind is to clean and disinfect the high-traffic surfaces daily. What can we do to keep the virus and bacteria away when those surfaces are everywhere? Here’s is how:

Top counters:

One of the places that tend to gather bacteria, germs, and viruses is surfaces or top counters. The reason behind this is the tendency to use them on a daily basis. Think of what you carry with yourselves inside the house. When you go grocery shopping, the top counters are the first place you put your shopping bags on. When you come in from the garage, where is the first place you put your car keys? your bag? your food? The answer to all of these questions is a countertop or any surface-like space around the house. So it makes sense that they are one of the highest places to gather germs and viruses.

The key is to remember, if you can put an object on it, you will have to disinfect it before and after use. Use %70 alcohol to disinfect the area and remember to wash your hands every time you clean the surface. Table surfaces, Hard dining chairs (seat, back, and arms), bathroom counters and  Kitchen counters are no exception.

Toilets and Faucets:

As we all know toilets and toilet faucets are prone to gathering all sorts of bacteria. Normally we are aware of that and for the same reason we clean them up regularly. But something we should all have in mind is that now the amount of time we spend on cleaning,

the material we use to clean and the objects we clean matter the most. We should use detergents that promise to kill %99.9 of the germs and bacteria and we have to spend a little more time cleaning the surfaces.

Door knobs, on the other hand, are the most-touched surfaces. Those of washrooms and bathrooms are even more important to clean on a regular basis. Two other important areas to have in mind are toilet seats and handles. Use detergents to clean the surfaces and make sure you cover all the surrounding areas over them. Please have in mind that after cleaning you can leave it for a little and then disinfect. To do that you can use some disinfectants to sterilize. And please have in mind that those materials are heavily chemical. And it is never a good idea to mix those two liquids together.

Light switches:

Light switches are one area that is easy to forget about but necessary to use on a daily basis. So you should have these in mind to prevent the spread of any germs, bacteria and especially viruses.

Coronavirus for example, as scientists declare, are heavy entities that can stay on surfaces for a long time. Once it is exposed to your skin, it can live there for enough time to be spread on other surfaces you touch. So these days, it is crucial to sterilize knobs and light switches that are regularly touched. Keep in mind that safety comes first. So when you decide to clean them, be aware of the dangers and follow the professional’s advice.

TV remote controls and game controller:

Last but not least are the controls and remotes. Because we use remotes and controls many times a day, they need special attention! Be aware of the germs and possible infections that live on these surfaces. Clean them up regularly and disinfect them right after. Please have in mind that only wet wipes or water can not give you the result you are looking for. Always use disinfectants that have at least %70 alcohol.

In a nutshell, when it comes to your health and safety, there is no compromise. So when we all follow the instructions of Health authorities and do it with the right amount and for the right duration, just like any other prescription drug we can defeat this troublesome virus and stay healthy. And one last word, Bare in mind that you need to first clean and then disinfect. Clean the surfaces with soapy water. And then disinfect with the right amount of disinfectant. And these two cannot be compromised for each other.

We do offer both of these services at this time to help citizens overcome any threat of this kind. Please visit us here to get a free quote for all your cleaning needs.

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